domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

No wrong intended

2013 was a great, though year. I was sad and angry, and then calm, suddenly  really sad, happy for a short time, on shock for a couple of days and sad.Right now I feel angry, upset, and even do it's not true betrayed.
Alliances change people take a side most of the time. in this particular situation there is not side to take, as long as I know there was not wrong being made. it does not matter if I feel like crap.
She, not once ask me if I was feeling ok, she knew he was already dating and she didn't tell me.
I wonder what would had happen if everything was the way around, if she was the one heartbroken  and I was the one holding a secret.

About him, nothing to say. maybe i'm being a total freak with a colossal conspiracy theory. how ever it feels like he lied, probably he though it was easier like that.

i'm freaking out.

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